5 Steps to complete your Learning Agreement/Course Schedule Information for incoming exchange students (e.g. Erasmus)

Advice: Instead of following the 5 steps, you can also open the PDF-documents listing all courses offered at your faculty.

1. Please open the online course catalogue

2. Click on the course-schedule of the faculty where your subject is held

Here, you can find a list with all subjects and the corresponding faculties. In the right column you can see the path which guides you through the course catalogue to the courses in your subject. Just click on the blue-marked names that are indicated in the list. Once you arrive at the last-mentioned name, do NOT click on the name, but on the red arrow Die Überschrift Veranstaltungen des Pools für Allgemeine Schlüsselqualifikationen aufklappen on the left.This will bring you to a list of all courses in your subject. You should not click on the blue-marked terms until you have learned how to navigate through the course catalogue.

You can see in this example how to find your way around  the course catalogue.

3. Also note the following:

  • You’re also allowed to take courses for students of all subjects (e.g. for language courses, etc.).
  • You can also have a look at the list with all English speaking courses.
  • As an exchange student you have free course selection, so you can attend courses from all the subjects. However, in some courses it could be required to have previous knowledge of the subject. You can ask the lecturer.

4. Tips to understand the terms used

By clicking on a course, you get further information. This table will help you to understand the terms used.

5. To complete the Learning Agreement and enrollment in the course:

  • Complete your Learning Agreement with the chosen courses. Changes to the chosen courses in the Learning Agreement are possible after arrival in Würzburg at any time and on previous arrangement with the Coordinator (“changes to the original Learning Agreement”).
  • At the University of Würzburg, the Learning Agreements will be signed by the departmental coordinators. The University of Würzburg doesn’t need originals; you can send the documents per mail.
  • You know if you need a Learning Agreement for your home university. If your home university doesn’t need one, the University of Würzburg doesn’t need it either.
  • You can get advice from the coordinators, the academic advisor center or from the faculties concerning the study focus, course catalogue , etc.
  • Here, you can find information on how to register for your courses.