The southern German city of Würzburg is a student city rich in culture and lifestyle

A street scene in the heart of the Old City


Experience the bustling activity on warm days, history, architecture, theatre and art, dancing and celebrations. Nonetheless, life here is comfortable and relaxed, like the leisurely flow of the great river, which runs through the heart of the city.


from left to right: new and old art at Kiliansplatz; a refreshing dip in the river; a historical art scandal: the naked Adam and Eve by Tilman Riemenschneider; view of the 'obere Marktplatz' (market square).



Not only does Würzburg offer one of the best universities in the country, but it also provides a pleasant and entertaining  student atmosphere!


The young, vibrant cultural scene of the International Film Festival; southern German cosiness at Mainkai; Open-Air Festival; architectural highlights: Würzburg's winter wonderland with the Residence Palace, Marienberg Fortress and Neubau Church; (Copyright pictures l to r: Arbeitskreis Studierende für Denkmalschutz; Uni Würzburg; CTW - Stadt Würzburg; Uni Würzburg)


Café at the medieval Old Main Bridge


Experience Würzburg!


A young old city, as the people like to say. It is an old city because of its 1400 year old history. Each day, even without stepping into a museum, city-goers are surrounded by cultural artifacts dating back to different epochs. Yet, the city is young because of the many young people who live here. Würzburg has one of the highest concentration of 20 to 30-year-olds in Bavaria and tens of thousands of students come to receive their education here, whether it be a university education, vocational training, or further development. The old traditions of the city, like the numerous wine festivals and taverns, are kept in the company of the modern culture and concerts in clubs. Here the old meets the new. You can watch German and international plays in no less than 15 theatres, which is a perfect way to improve your German language skills. Or why not celebrate at one of the party cellars, a special feature of the Würzburg nightlife. You will see that Würzburg not only offers students a chance to study at one of the top universities in the country, but also an environment which makes learning fun. Furthermore, other striking attractions include a variety of parks and gardens, not to mention the wonderful scenery surrounding Würzburg. In this region of Germany you will find Franconian wine culture, romantic old towns and lots of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Come and enjoy a successful and unforgettable university experience in Würzburg!



Vintage Würzburg!

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UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site: Würzburg Residence Palace and Hofgarten (Court Gardens)

A sculpture of a cherub (Putto) in the Court Gardens

Purportedly called "the castle above all castles", the Residence Palace is regarded as one of the greatest examples of European baroque architecture. Likewise, the Hofgarten is considered as one of the most significant gardens in Europe. Those who are lucky enough to have a room nearby the court gardens can take pleasure in the views everyday. Or you can appreciate it by enroling in one of the arts and humanities subjects taught at the world cultural site. More photos...


Vineyards amidst the city

A traditional vineyard cottage

Wine grows in almost every corner of the city. From virtually every university location there is a vineyard nearby, so you can go for a quick walk through the vineyards in your free time. The great German writer, Goethe, even had his favourite vineyard: the Würzburger Stein, located to the north and west overlooking the entire city, providing an enchanting view of the Altstadt's ocean of red roofs. More photos of where you can spend relaxing and romantic hours after an intensive day at Uni ...

Marienberg Fortress

Marienberg Fortress enthroned high above the Main river

The Marienberg Fortress takes centre stage in Würzburg. It is enthroned high above the city below and has for centuries served as a reliable point of orientation. The ascent is well worth it: at the top are museums and a beer garden, but above all the wonderful view of the red roofs of the city awaits. Many go up there at night with a bottle of Franconian wine to enjoy the magical sea of lights. Want to see more? This way, please! 

Life by the river

Going for a walk along the Main

The Main River is not only a part of major shipping routes extending from the Black Sea to the North Sea, but is the life vein of the city. It is an ideal venue for barbeques in the evenings, sun bathing during the day and for a refreshing dip in the summer. The Main serves not just recreational, but also gastronomic purposes; the bounty provided by the river enriches local kitchens in the region. Make sure to try the 'Meefischli' (small fried fish) or you could try your luck fishing!

More impressions ...


Gardens and Parks

A small pond in the rococo garden

Many international students are fascinated by the greenery and scenery of Germany. The natural environment is plentiful even in the cities. In Würzburg especially, beautiful historical parks have been well preserved inviting people to pause from their busy lifestyles and gather their souls in the tranquility of nature. More photos ...

Traditional Festivities

Traditional Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt)

Würzburg is a modern city with tradition. In Germany's south you can get to know the young cultural nightlife as well as the old traditional festivities and customs at the same time. And for those who are not interested, there are lots more of other activities on offer. However, the majority of international guests are enthusiastic about attending the big beer festivals, Christmas market and traditional costume parades. More photos ...


Dancing, Nightlife, Festivals

Concert at the Hafensommer Festival - Copyright: Stadt Würzburg

Already in the 18th century Würzburg was called the ballroom of the country. Not without reason! Discos and clubs offer a versatile dance program. In addition, concerts and other evening events lure you into the city centre. In the summer many open air festivals are held, among them one of the largest festivals of African culture and the 'Umsonst & Draußen' festival with numerous free concerts on the banks of the Main. In the winter interior events take precedence, like the International Film Festival or the Jazz Festival.
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Altstadt (Old City)

Fresh produce on sale at the weekly market

The Würzburger Altstadt is the centre of life in the city. It invites you to take a stroll on its streets, go shopping and go out to eat.

In 1928, Hermann Hesse dedicated an ode to joy to the Altstadt. His observations alluded to the shops and stalls with their "delightful and ominous" smell of bread and all sorts of cheese, the fish and the "many sausages in all shapes and sizes." Cheerfully, the Nobel Prize laureate in Literature describes the mediterranean-like lifestyle in the Altstadt.* Nowadays, the atmosphere is more moderate, but you can still find a certain charm from Hesse's time to this very day. Take a look for yourselves ... more impressions ...



A typical 50s apartment building

Iconic: 1950s style par excellence

With the rapid reconstruction efforts after the devastating bombings during World War II and a strong will to make all things modern, it's plain to see that architecture in Würzburg strongly reflect that era. On every street corner, ranging from residence hall buildings to retail stores to cultural facilities, one is confronted with forms and colours from this popular decade. Actually, in 2009, Würzburg is host to this year's national exhibition, one of the most important cultural events in Bavaria. The topic: Die 50er - Wiederaufbau und Wirtschaftswunder (the 50s - reconstruction and economic miracle). See photos ...


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* nach Gabrielle Antrecht: Rendezvous mit Eva. In: Franken. Magazin für Land und Leute, Sept./Okt. 2008.